Everyone’s heard rumblings of anime, and you may be wondering why anime is so good? If you’ve had no experience before, then understanding the fandom will be difficult. However, imagine the joy and excitement of your childhood cartoons, but they’ve been made adult appropriate and full of drama. That’s the simplistic way of explaining Japan-specific animation features. Anime nerds seem to have 6 characteristics that make them perfect for relationships. These include their creativity, understanding, romantic soul, expressive personality, passionate behavior, and how fun they are to be with!


Having a creative partner can benefit you in many ways. Not only will they be thinking outside of the box, but they make great companionship. A creative partner has the best ideas for dates, and there’s never a dull moment. Suppose your guy (or gal) is a fan of exotic Japanese storylines with exciting characters, someone who follows the anime life. In that case, they will carry this magic with them in their day-to-day life. Finding a partner with this quality will not only make your life more entertaining, but they’re guaranteed to broaden your horizons on different aspects of a romantic relationship.


Unfortunately, people who love anime seem to get bullied or put down. People don’t seem to realize the excitement, happiness, and fun that fans of Japanese receive from consuming their favorite content, especially if you can watch it with loved ones. Subsequently, the treatment of such people throughout life means they’ve become extra understanding and aware of other feelings. If you’re in a relationship with an anime fan, you’re in for a brilliant time. A lover always needs to be understanding for the relationship and sex life to be successful; so, finding a partner with a passion for storytelling and raw emotions and is like winning the lottery!Anime nerds


Within anime storylines, there’s a lot of romance. When people watch it religiously, there’s bound to be elements that filter into lifestyles. This means anyone who finds themselves in relationships with folks deep into Japanese animation is guaranteed to be satisfied in that area. A particular kink could be explored in anime (which isn’t shy of those!), or just be extra affection to you in the bedroom. Sexuality can be explored by couples. The more things you try, the more adventurous you may become. However, romance isn’t all about sex. Romance is also explored in their favorite animated features through kind acts and considerate characters. There’s a lot of this in Japanese shows, and when exposed it a lot, you’re bound to pick it up and include it in your life.


One of the most definite traits of Japanese animation is passion: not only the storylines but also the music, the art style, and every emotion you feel while watching. You seem to get far more attached to the characters, and this bleeds into your day-to-day life. As it’s all animation, more work goes into showing emotion. Those struggling with expression find that anime unlocks this part of their personality. When this happens, they can build stronger connections with their partners. With expression comes communication, which is the most crucial part of a relationship.


Passion needs to be present for a relationship to flourish. Luckily, anime lovers have plenty of warmth for sparing thanks to their beloved shows. Passion can be sexual, but it can also be emotional; both offer a profound connection in a relationship. This is such a prominent trait for this kind of partner due to their favorite shows’ nature. They’re encouraged to engage with their emotions, whether connecting to characters or sympathizing with their struggles/ storylines. This makes them perfect in relationships as they become used to showing their feelings, no matter how strong or weak they are.why anime is so good

Fun to be around!

Ultimately, anime lovers are perfect companions! All of these characteristics work together to make them the ideal partner.

  • Creativity makes them great at planning dates.
  • Their understanding natures make them supportive.
  • They know how to inject romance.
  • Being expressive means that you always know where you stand.
  • Passion keeps the spark alive.

You know where you stand with anime watchers; no guessing games, so you can just relax. If you watch anime, then you already understand their passions and needs. If not, now’s your chance to learn! We’re lucky to have anime lovers in our society, and it’s time we love as deeply as they do. If you want to meet an anime single, now’s your chance!

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