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As the name implies, users can meet with anyone on this site for a quick date and sex. NaughtyDate is a place dedicated to men and women seeking adventurous flirting.

Main Pros and Cons

  • Users do not have to pay to register on the site to become a member
  • There is a verification process for all accounts. This helps reduce the rate of fraudulent profiles and fake accounts
  • Most members are concerned about one-night dates and sex
  • It isn’t a scamming dating platform
  • The cost of subscription is a but affordable when compared to other dating platforms
  • Women are allowed to use all the features for free
  • Registration processes are completed within a few minutes, even without being charged
  • The information of members are not well-detailed and complete
  • To use all communication tools, users have to pay a certain amount of money
  • Standard members can not view full-sized photos of other members
  • The dating platform does not support apps for both Android and iOS devices

Costs and Prices

For a month premium membership subscription, users are charged $39.00 to access all the exclusive features. NaughtyDate’s three-month plan costs $21.90 on a 3-month plan. For $17.70 monthly, users can enjoy this service for six months.


SoberGrid logoSobergrid

The Sobergrid app is a new social network app that helps in bringing people together throughout the world. While it connects people, it isn’t designed to be a dating platform or app.

Main Pros and Cons

  • Rediscovery of oneself
  • A wide range of community of people who shares the same mindset
  • It doesn’t require a rehab home
  • Extensive communication features
  • Safety and sleek design
  • Free to use
  • Variety of people to take similar idea or experience from
  • The peer recovery coaching features comes with a certain amount of money to access it
  • It is expensive to unlock these features
  • The app sometimes take time to respond

Costs and Prices

The Sobergrid app does not charge its users any amount. It is free, except for people who want to use the peer recovery coaching features. However, this feature will require the payment of $99.00 per month after a free trial for two weeks.


Grindr logoGrindr

Grindr is a popular dating app where gay, bisexual, bi-curious single meet and hook up. It is a place where gay guys connect and hook up for a great night of fun.

Main Pros and Cons

  • It is easy and quick to sign up
  • Variety of users and match options
  • Complete functionality of the free version
  • App availability for supported devices
  • It isn’t possible to search for matches. Geolocation automatically matches users
  • The app technology doesn’t function fully as expected
  • Some profiles are fake
  • It takes time before some members respond to messages
  • Slow response from customer care, especially when there is an issue with subscribing to any of the site’s premium plans.

Costs and Prices

The Grindr XTRA membership options provide users with premium features that allow them to surf the app better. However, its one-month subscription costs $24.99. The three-month subscription costs $20.97, with each of the months costing $6.99, saving 30% of your money. Six months costs $29.94, and save up 50% of your money, with each of the months costs $4.99. The last plan on the Grindr XTRA is the 12 months premium costs $3.99 monthly and $47.88 for the 12 months, allowing you to save up to 30%. The Grindr Unlimited membership plan costs $49.99 to use for one month. The 12-months premium subscription costs $299.99, saving about 50% while costing $24.99 per month.


Alt logoAlt.com

Alt is a site dedicated mainly to adults for exploring their sexuality in a very bold and erotic manner. It contains all forms of erotic chats, making it easier to find like-minded people.

Main Pros and Cons

  • The pricing is moderately fair
  • Availability of free membership
  • Access into the alternative sex community
  • It allows single or group sign up
  • Profiles are well-detailed
  • A large community of active members
  • Provide users with a wide range of sexual interest options
  • Maximum security and privacy guaranteed
  • Through category island options to filter
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Free accounts are restricted from reading messages
  • Inability to access other members’ profiles as a free user
  • Fake profiles and scammers are rampant
  • The design of the website is not friendly
  • Response from members often take longer than usual

Costs and Prices

A month silver membership plan on this site costs $19.95, while the one-month gold plan goes for $29.95. Three months silver plan costs $11.99, which helps you to save up to 40%. The three months gold plan saves 33%, costing $19.99. You can save up to 55% when you subscribe to the 12 months plan of sliver for $8.95, while the 12 months gold plan costs $13.43, saving 55%.


charmdate logoCharmdate

This is an international dating site where men can easily meet with Ukrainian and Russian women. Charmdate has been branded as a reliable place to find love from anywhere in the world.

Pros and Cons

  • The usability is very simple to understand
  • Navigating the site is easy
  • Users are provided with free vouchers upon signing up
  • Users can see each other with the available live chat and video
  • High level of protection
  • Professional support and help
  • There are too many men on the site; gender proportion is not balanced
  • It takes extra time for an app to load
  • Too many fake profiles on the site

Costs and Prices

Charmdate allows users to make payments using their coins or cash. Its two credits cost $15.99 while one costs $8.00. Its 16 Qpid credits cost $96.00, with each costing $6.00. The last premium membership subscription plan on Charmdate costs 100 Qpid credits at $399.00, with each costing $3.99


Advantages Of Texting Dating Sites

  • Texting dating sites expose users to an array of different dating sites that offer all of their dating needs
  • Availability of different sexual needs
  • Ease of use and affordable cost of subscription
  • Simple layout and easy-to-use interface
  • Most of these text dating sites require no special computer skills or know-how to operate or navigate


Texting Dating Sites like a sophia dating site are the options to go for when it comes to making choices about meeting a partner of your choice. Although these sites offer unique features, it is, however, important to carefully read the features of each of the sites to pick the most suitable ones among them. While they offer you all you need, you should also surf them carefully to avoid being swindled by unreal people. Take a look at their premium subscription before you sign up for any of the plans on the site. Finally, they all make great sites to find a soul partner, regardless of the type of relationship you crave on loveforheart site.

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