Best Anime Dating Sites Review

If you’re single with a geeky side, then this site is for you!
We explain how to use a date finder on different websites to match with other singles near you. When you’re a fan of video games, manga, anime, cosplay, and comic cons, for example, your best bet will bean anime dating site.

We created this site to review the top options for dating fellow anime fans and helping everyone new to the anime dating scene find exactly what they need to know before creating a user profile. As with any type of interaction online or using an app, you get out of geeky dating sites what you put into them.

Skip the apps like Tinder that focus on swiping left or right based on your physical attraction to another user’s picture. Here’s the rest of the scoop on this kind of dating network:

Top Anime Dating Sites:
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What is Anime?

This genre refers to all Japanese-style animation, including drawings, cartoons, and animated films.

Understanding the Terminology

Otaku – A boy or girl of any age who spends so much time focusing on computers, technology, and/or pop culture trends that he or she lacks social interaction skills.
Anime – Japanese-style animation referred to as such outside the country, including drawing-based and computer-generated cartoons and films.
Fakku – imagine one of the largest networks for anime (animation) and manga (graphic novels) lovers, but with a hint of adult material to it.
That’s right, that is Fakku – gigantic hentai network that almost created a Fakku dating service, connecting users by their preference to site’s material and tastes. And that turned out to be a joke and a giant letdown. Still, sites we are reviewing here aim to close the gap in otaku’s hearts made by the dream of Fakku dating.
Manga – This refers to a vast genre of graphic novels. The drawing tradition in Japan dates back over 100 years.

Why Try Anime Dating?

A good reason to search for boys or girls (or men and women) for friendship or dates on an anime-oriented dating network is to flaunt your geekiness. You need more social interaction away from the computer, but you prefer to immerse yourself in your mangas or animes? No one understands you well?
Turn your geekiness to a success – a fellow otaku might have more empathy than non-otakus you might date. It’s as easy as creating a free profile, messaging other gay or straight singles, and finding a boyfriend or girlfriend near you. Use the chatroom on an anime dating network to learn more about the person you like. Other options are reading their forum posts and interacting with them in groups.

Pros of Anime Dating

Remember, this is a niche type of matchmaking service, which means fewer users are searching for something more specific in a potential partner. I can’t include all benefits of these apps, but here are some reasons to try these websites to find dates:

  • Users are encouraged to geek out their profiles.
  • You can post a description of yourself (i.e., who you are in real life, who you want to be in a fantasy world, or both).
  • You can discuss topics like manga, anime, and cosplay in the forums.
  • You can match with other users online on this kind of niche site based on shared interests.
  • You can talk to many single people who love Japanese-inspired culture.
  • You can meet and fall in love with other otakus.
  • You can transcend the geographical limits of sites like for finding a date.
  • You can learn more about how your geeky passions make you attractive as a potential mate.
  • You can discuss your interest in different genres of adult and mainstream graphic novels.
  • You can learn where other users live, in case you want to relocate for better dating opportunities.
  • You can access paid features, such as being featured at the top of the target user’s search (i.e., men for women, women for men).

Cons of Anime Dating

There are some difficulties when interacting with people online because you have less information about who they are. You can easily become emotionally attached to any stranger, even though the “dating” experience will be primarily online communication. Here are some drawbacks:

  • Beware people aren’t always who they seem.
  • Some users are emotionally childish.
  • It might only be possible to have a cyber friendship with an otaku user.
  • You may not have access to as many potential lovers or friends as you typically find on mainstream dating sites.
  • A heated debate over anime trivia may cause you to lose an online friend, but you must move these friendships to real life anyway if it’s going to be a long-term romance.

Anime Dating Etiquette

You might be attracted to geeks, but observe this etiquette while flirting with them online:

  • Be honest.
  • Don’t make fun of members because of their unique passions.
  • Be positive in all online communications.
  • Don’t make up interests or pretend to love trends of which they are a big fan of just to meet an otaku.
  • Don’t use this type of site to promote your business or cause.
  • Do invite other friends to join and build the community.
  • Beware of scammers. Don’t provide your personal contact information or financial details.
  • Don’t mislead your new online friends about your availability for dating in real life (i.e., a married person seeking text buddies).

Anime Dating Website Profiles

Building a dating profile is hard. The more detailed you can be about your interests, the better matches you’ll find in the otaku dating world. Include an anime-style avatar and gain more attention.

Our Favorite Anime Dating Websites:

Create a username and password and confirm your email address. Use the Like Gallery and Search features to match with users based on photos, location, and other criteria. Try a chatroom for intense conversation. Make your profile invisible if you start seeing someone in real life.

Similar to, this site loads instantly and has a short profile survey. You can’t send messages until Admin approves your picture. I loved finding users a few miles away. Decide if you need advanced features like reading message receipts and unlimited likes.

It’s fun to join in one step. Share an anime list and an “About Me” blurb. Join interest groups and chat with people showing up in the popup box as online. When you see how people differ in their opinions about your favorite anime, you can start a lively discussion.

This network emphasizes nerdy fan topics like cosplay, anime, and renaissance festivals. There are many interactive features where members contribute content, such as posting blogs, photos, videos, music, and forum comments. I loved getting “gifts” in my geek mailbox. I was surprised by how many users shared my writing and art passions even though I am not into creating anime or manga myself.

Get Started With Using an Anime Dating Site Today!

I know you’ll enjoy reading my reviews of the best websites for anime dating. You are considering taking the plunge into online dating, and it is definitely the way people find more dates and long-term relationships than they did a decade ago.

I was skeptical at first, but I’ve found a couple of serious partners through this form of social networking. My advice is to create your profile and try it out. If it doesn’t fit your needs, join other niche sites. Find like-minded geeks who love to discuss their obsessions with anime!