People Of All Sexual Orientations Use Foot Fetish Chat Sites

The anonymity of the internet allows people with unusual fetishes to find like-minded friends and possibly start relationships. In particular, foot fetishists tend to congregate in online communities where they can safely open up about their desires and experiences. No thought is too dirty when you are in the chat room dedicated to naughty fantasies, so you can explore some parts of your sexuality that you don’t normally reveal to everyone. Straight, bisexual, and gay people alike can be excited by sexy feet, and all of them come to the same sites in search of some fun.

It’s Easy To Find Your Match With Those Sites:

It goes without saying that people who actively use dating sites stand a better chance of actually meeting someone in real life. The same is true if you are looking for partners who enjoy foot fetish or just want to expand your knowledge regarding this topic. The following sites are excellent locations to pursue such interests, and all of them have some unique benefits worth exploring.



Main overview of the site

This site mostly caters to individuals who are seeking casual fans and accepts men and women of any sexual orientation. At Iwantu, it’s perfectly fine to chat about your secret love for feet, and it might even be possible to establish a connection with somebody living close enough for a date.

Pros and cons of this website

  • Fun and open-minded atmosphere
  • Possibility to upload videos to your profile
  • Full safety mode is available
  • Search function with advanced filters and sorting options
  • Relatively small website
  • The presence of fake profiles is sometimes reported
  • Free members can’t read all of their messages

Costs and prices

Registration for this dating site is completely free of charge, but paid members to have a range of additional options on their hands. One month of premium status costs $36.41, while a 3-month package is offered at $61.24. Members who decide to get a 6-month membership plan will have to pay $98.99 for the privilege.



Main overview of site’s benefits

The primary target group of this site consists of people interested in gaming, computers, SF books, and movies, etc. This crowd is quite liberal when it comes to sex, so it’s quite likely that you will find someone to discuss your foot fetish with among the members. There are plenty of places to do that on this site, including forums, chat rooms, and dedicated groups.

Pros & Cons of SoulGeek

  • Established in 2006 and well-known among gamers
  • Feature-rich and very simple to use by novice members
  • Ability to block annoying members
  • Low prices for a premium membership
  • The site doesn’t support video chat
  • No matching based on compatibility
  • No mobile support

Costs and prices for premium plans

There are several membership plans to choose from on SoulGeek, depending on the desired duration. A 1-month plan is very reasonably priced at $9.95, while 3-month membership costs $39.95. There is an option to sign up for 6 months and pay $69.95 or buy the longest 12-month package for $99.95.


SoberGrid logoSoberGrid

Main overview of the dating app

This dating app is designed primarily to help people recovering from different kinds of addictions find new contacts and reintegrate into society. It’s a great place to open up about your inner conflicts and perhaps flirt with attractive singles who are in a similar situation.

Pros and cons

  • Well-made app with a clear purpose and target group
  • Offers a chance to establish personal contacts and join online communities
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • GPS-powered location service
  • Not primarily oriented towards kink
  • Features are not geared towards sex or dating
  • Sobriety is not optional

Costs and prices of using SoberGrid

Since it serves to help people build up their lives after struggling with alcohol and drugs, SoberGrid is completely free for everyone. This gives you the opportunity to chat about foot fetish without having to pay anything.



Main overview of GamerDating

As a gaming site with a narrow audience that is spread all around the world, GamerDating is a great platform to make virtual friends. It’s full of alternative-thinking people who don’t mind chatting about all kinds of topics, so you might find some men and women who are actively practicing foot fetish or at least fantasizing about it.

Pros and cons of this site

  • Established in 2009 and well-regarded in the industry
  • Detailed information required to open an account
  • Fake profiles are extremely rare
  • Cool, game-inspired features and graphics
  • A small number of members
  • Not popular among middle-aged people
  • Limited payment options

Costs and prices of membership

While opening an account at GamerDating is free, you can upgrade to a Silver or Gold membership and gain numerous perks. The silver membership provides you with full access to all features for 2 months in exchange for $35, while getting a Gold package will provide you with premium status for a period lasting 4 months.


Skout logoSkout

Main overview of the platform

Originally launched in 2007 as a social networking site, Skout has since transitioned into adult dating and now serves as a platform for singles. It’s loaded with cool features and has an active membership base that readily accepts newbies.

List of pros and cons

  • Popular online service with millions of loyal users
  • Possibility to leave comments on  photos of other members
  • Sign up is easy and can be made faster by using Facebook
  • Unique Back Stage feature for private photos
  • Most members are not looking for hookups
  • Nearly two-thirds of members are male
  • Free users see a lot of ads

Costs and prices

Users can create accounts and use basic features on Skout for free, but in order to use the site for a serious partner search, premium membership is recommended. One-month plan costs just $9.99; the 3-month deal is offered for $24.99, while the price for 6-month membership is $69.99, which is lower than on most other dating sites.


Advantages Of Foot Fetish Chat Sites For Curious Singles

It’s refreshing to be able to chat about your favorite fetishes with people who are not judgmental, and on various online dating sites, you will meet quite a few strangers who fit this description. Sending messages or photos is typically very easy, while some platforms support video chat as well. In the online environment, you are not limited to people from your own city or country and can easily establish connections with foot fetish devotees living anywhere in the world.


All sexual kinks that are consensual and safe deserve to be practiced without fear, so foot fetish chat sites serve a very important function. Without them, it would be much harder to express secret desires and get into interaction with others who are turned on by the same kink. Learning about the best chat sites of this kind could be the first step towards finding true happiness, so if you have a genuine interest in sexy male or female feet, you should waste no time opening a personal account.

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