SoberGrid Review

SoberGrid Review

SoberGrid has more than 100,000 members with an equal percentage of both men and women.
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  • The dating application is free to use and provides needed support for individuals who want to lead a sober life.
  • The application instantly connects you with other sober people, either friends or lovers.
  • You receive 24/7 support from coaches when they share their stories, helps you in your recovery journey, helps you set goals, and offer the needed support.
  • There are a lot of resources that are useful for people who are moving towards sobriety.
  • It may not be an effective follow-up application for all the individuals.
  • Only the mobile application allows you to access many of the features stated.


SoberGrid is one of the the world’s largest and biggest recovery sober dating apps for individuals undergoing substance abuse issues. The application connects sober individuals to those who are looking to get sober based on their distance. Therefore, with millions of individuals in the world struggling with sobriety, the development team saw it fit to develop a community to uplift and encourage one another to move from drugs.

The application works similarly to Facebook with newsfeeds and lists of posts from sober individuals. Additionally, you will view us based on your location and proximity. You can also view post updates and connect with other people from all over the world, and this is in a bid to build a sober stringer community among all the users.

Sign Up

Signing up at SoberGrid is one of the simplest processes compare to the other social and dating sites for sober people. On the sign-up form, you must enter your name, email address, and password to proceed to the next level and create your account. Other details that are needed during the registration process are your location, your personal specific such as age, sexual orientation, and the opportunity to state what you are struggling with.

Therefore, it doesn’t take even five minutes of your time to complete the entire registration process from this process.

SoberGrid signup

Members & Profiles

The structure of SoberGrid is based on the fact that the founders were looking to construct and build a sober community of individuals which could be accessed from anywhere. Currently, the platform has numerous advanced tools that help anyone stay sober and move towards being sober. There are two groups of people on the site; the people who support the coaches and the individuals who receive the support.

When it comes to profiles, any detail one chooses to display on their profile is displayed to the other users. Therefore, it is just like a social media application accessible to everyone. When it comes to posts from the other users, you can view posts from the locally proximate individuals.

SoberGrid members

SoberGrid & Safety

Safety and security are something that SoberGrid has worked on for a long time. Therefore, the site is very safe to use since it’s just structured like a social media app, just like Facebook. Your details are not shared with third parties, and you can choose what to post and what not to.

The behavior of the users is also closely monitored. The verification process during the sign-up process helps in keeping away fake profiles and scammers. Users can also report abusive and fake profiles or choose not to view their updates. However, these cases are not common as people come to the site purposely for support to be sober or to support others.

Is SoberGrid Legit?

Yes. The application is genuine and legitimate. The site has been operational since 2015 and has, over the years, garnered more than 100,000 real users who want to be sober and embrace a positive lifestyle. Additionally, through the numerous SoberGrid app reviews of individuals who the site has impacted, you can be sure that the site is fully genuine.

You can also sign up to receive free coaching with the mobile-based application. This way, you can track and share all your recovery data and information with the coaches and receive instant counseling. Therefore, this works for many users in the United States.

Costs and Prices

SoberGrid does not display some details about the charges which can be made to coaches. However, most of the coaches offer free services upon sign up, and it is one way of giving back to the community. You can get 24/7/365 support free of charge as long as you are decided and focused.


SoberGrid is a unique application and the largest addiction recovery application in the world. This is because it has helped thousands of people in Ohio maintain their sobriety status and move from substance abuse to sobriety. Especially for the current state of the world where covid-19 has paralyzed physical meetings and other types of interaction, SoberGrid has been helpful to individuals struggling with addiction and sobriety since they don’t have access to clinics and support groups.

Therefore, you can download the mobile application to your phone, sign up, structure your profile, and instantly get a coach who will guide you through the entire journey just from the comfort of your home. The coach can also track your growth from time to time which makes it the perfect application for you towards sobriety.

Additionally, as a coach, you can select the kinds and types of people to coach, either men or women. This way, many clients can receive the needed guidelines, receive care and get encouragement from other individuals who have undergone the same process. Are you looking to stop substance abuse? SoberGrid is the right application for you to join, sign up and begin your process immediately.

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