The Best LFGdating Review Is Here

The Best LFGdating Review Is Here

Join the platform and become one of over a million users. Men (70%) and women (30%) are waiting for you here.
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  • Focused dating platform for gamers
  • You can ditch the stereotype
  • It has 256 bit SSL encryption
  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • Minimum fake profiles
  • Delayed response to customer’s queries
  • Free members cannot communicate
  • Free members are constantly bombarded with ads
  • Limited “smart picks”
  • Plenty of prompts. Gets annoying sometimes


The LFGdating service is one of the best cosplay dating apps and has hundreds of members, 55% men and 45% women. LFGdating removes the judgment and brings dating and gaming to one place. Most gamers are left alone because of their obsession. But if you can find someone with a similar obsession, that is when your dating life will start making sense. The only requirement is that you be a geek and be obsessed with video games. Your age, sex, and dating preference can all be accommodated on the website.

Their app was launched in May 2019 after receiving huge success as per the number of members and messages exchanged in the later part of 2018. We went through their app interfaces. The LFGdating app review is that the apps are highly optimized both for iOS and Android. Their matching algorithm and location services are surprisingly accurate, and it is perfect for finding compatible partners. The design is soothing to the eyes.

It was started by a high school English teacher and a Marine Corps officer in 2013. Their main goal was to remove the stigma that gamers don’t get beautiful dates. Now they have brought a platform, especially for gamers.


The sign-up process is pretty basic. At LFGdating, there are two places where you can click to join. One button is in the center that says “join” and another in the top right corner that says “register”. Both the tabs are beautifully highlighted. It attracts attention but quite calmly. When you click on that, there are a few details you need to fill in, like username and password, to enter the website.

Also, you have to include your name, location (detailed), email address, and any gift coupon if you have any.  Then you can tick the checkbox that you agree to the terms and conditions. They talk about privacy controls, data visible to others, a few definitions, eligibility criteria for joining the website, and certain liability issues. As per the LFGdating app review, the registration process is the same for the app and website.

LFGdating main page

Members & Profiles

As you already know, the members who join the best cosplay dating app are single and unmarried gamers. They want a little bit of romance with their gaming partner. The good thing about lfgdating is that its aim is not to help gamers. It is more about removing the judgment and the stigma about dating for gamers.

On a normal website that is not for gamers, the geeks won’t even get a chance to stand out. Here the platform is theirs. They make the rules, and they break them too. As far as the profile quality goes, it is quite basic. A picture with the name and location shows up. To be able to send or receive messages, you need to become a premium member.

LFGdating members

LFGdating & Safety

If you read their Terms and Conditions page of lfgdating, you would know that security is their top priority. But wait, who even reads those things anymore! We did, and we can say that they are concerned about your privacy. Also, several privacy controls are in your hand.

You are the sole owner of all the information posted in your account. Be careful what you post and write on your profile. The information is not shared, and it is not sold off to any 3rd party websites. They also possess SSL encryption for complete protection. Any inappropriate behavior can be reported. They do not conduct background or ID checks on their members.

Is LFGdating Legit?

It is mentioned in point 16 of the “Terms and Conditions” that LFGdating is a part of Glass Boot Ventures LLC. They have provided their corporate office address, which is located in Texas. They have given their corporate telephone number, which is working. Also, the website link to Glass Boot Ventures is provided if you want to assess further the parent company taking care of LFGdating.

They make sure that your information is not sold off to any other website or company with the help of SSL encryption. Their company trademark is registered under the Texas corporate trademarks and follows the rules and regulations accordingly.

Costs and Prices

About the subscriptions, we are going to provide all the plans that are available on lfgdating. With the premium plans, you will have a website and app with zero scams and advertisements. Also, you will be able to communicate with each other through messages.

Following are the subscription plans:

  • 1 month: 5USD
  • 3 months: 10USD
  • 6 months: 20USD
  • Lifetime membership: 50USD


To finalize the LFGdating review, we can say that LFGdating is quite an extraordinary website for gamers. The premium memberships are cheaper than any other dating website. Also, lfgdating has top security features. It is the perfect website that is quite transparent and does not hide anything from its users. All the information is laid down for you.

Their app and website are both optimized amazingly. Also, allowing more photos on the website would be nice. The design is sweet and does not contain any confusing texts. Many other known dating platforms recommend it. In our opinion, we would like to suggest a few more details in the profiles that are shown. You can join and see other great benefits!

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Privacy & Safety
Searching and Matching
Signing Up & Profile
2.5 Overall Rating

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