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  • Great graphics and design.
  • Cute icons on the website (lots of thought put into this).
  • The News and advice section make the experience unique.
  • Not the quickest sign-up process (but 100% worth it).
  • No safety section.
  • Some users are clearly fakes.


Sometimes, something will come into our lives, completely turn things upside down and leave you wondering how you ever lived without it. is not one of these things. But if you’re a game enthusiast, you might think you need a particular dating website for your social group. This service means it when they offer gamer dating, something that is aimed at all geeks, including comic book fans and anime lovers.

The design of the site is based solely on games and makes you feel right at home. Ironically, you hear gamer dating, and you assume that yes, there will be an emphasis on single gamers finding each other. However, this dating site goes above and beyond to target their demographic. There’s a lot to unpack with so, we should get started!


The sign-up process is lengthier compared to other dating sites! You start off with your name, email, password, gender, the gender you’re looking for, and your birthday. Next up is the confirmation of your email. Watch out; the letter went into our spam folder and almost gave up on the verification.

From there, you will upload your picture and select your top three games (an interesting touch that becomes useful when you can see other people’s choices). You will then be given a chance to pick the membership package, but we will detail this later. Next comes the lengthy and mundane part. You’ll find five sections designed to get a greater grasp on who you are as a person and who would be best suited to you. The sections are as follows:

Section 1 Section 2 – Appearance Section 3- Aspiration Section 4- Social Habits Section 5- Gaming Habits
Country Eye color Looking for Drinks Time Enjoyed
State Body art Kids? Smokes Favorite Genre
City Height Religion Drugs
Gender Parties
Interested in Social Preferences
Language Education

This may seem excessive, and it is. Remember to put in your favorite anime if you decide to go through this excruciating process.

Members & Profiles

While on the dashboard, you can access a lot of information without clicking on the profile. Before delving into the page of a user you like, you can see what consoles they typically use, their profile picture, age, location, and top three games – useful! Click – and you’ll be able to see the details we recounted on the sign-up section. So, when you’re looking for your game-loving anime-watching future girlfriend, you’ll be able to view her answers to these questions. You may get a feel for someone before you message them but do you genuinely need to know their religion? & Safety

There seems to be no section for safety on The site lacks security, which is concerning, but at least it’s got a verification procedure. If you’re concerned about others’, you have a chance to get used to the site before paying and messaging people.
Despite the lack of an obviously needed safety section on the site, you still feel secure. It puts more effort into appearance. So, maybe you should count on the site being “niche” and hope the scammers won’t notice the platform, but we found some fake profiles while writing a GamerDating review.

Is Legit?

From our experience, It mostly is. This site is meant for anyone seeking a partner or friend with the same interest as them. You can see how much thought went into the site’s design and the advice column set up with articles written by members and admin. There’s a sense of community on this site, which you don’t often get.

Costs and Prices

There’re a few options available to you if you do decide to pay for a membership. However, the price is definitely up there compared to other dating sites.

  1. Free membership. Allows you to access, browse members, and read premium messages.
  2. $35.00 (2 months cover). Gets you full access to the gamer dating, browse members, send/receive messages, read premium messages, read free messages and access to free games (bronze and silver levels).
  3. $70.00 (4 months cover). Includes all of the above, but you can play silver and gold level games on the site. also allows you to redeem voucher codes if you have any. So, keep an eye out for potential discounts!

The Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect. The pros outweigh the cons, but both sides still need mentioning so that you can get the full picture.


To conclude, this gamer dating website takes mainstream dating and tries to enhance it by targeting a particular demographic. This should not only ensure that you’re meeting like-minded people but give you a sense of community. The attention to detail regarding design, the advice columns, the selection of top games is fantastic. Still, the lack of concern for the users’ safety is a red flag, and we wouldn’t recommend delving deep in. That concludes our GamerDating review; stay safe!
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