Want to Read KIPPO App Review Fast?

Want to Read KIPPO App Review Fast?

The best men- 40% are here, and the most beautiful women- 60%, visit this site every day. Moreover, there are over 600,000 registered people on the platform.
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  • Focused dating platform
  • Amazing stylish icons and design as per KIPPO review
  • You can find other gamers for gaming too
  • It lets you be geeky as you are
  • Most features are free
  • No web version available
  • You cannot stay anonymous
  • You cannot video chat
  • Not ideal for anyone who likes gaming slightly, you have to be a total gaming crazy person
  • Mostly, the younger generation filled the users’ list


Heard about dating apps for nerds? KIPPO app is a dating platform that lets gamers and comic-book lovers interact with each other. In this KIPPO review, we will jump in several security features and subscription details usually asked. Here you can find friends to play your games with, blocking unnecessary romantic suggestions or messages. Also, this app does not restrict dating preferences.

You may identify yourself as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or non-binary. The design looks flashy and futuristic. The black background, flashes of pink and white, animated pictures, interactive animation make the landing page quite interesting. 11 people built the team that made this application. With a few years in hand, this app has grown in popularity and number. Their mission was to provide a stimulating and safe environment for video gamers to come together.


The registration process is relatively simple. First of all, you have to download the app on your phone. Whether it is iOS or Android, this app works perfectly. Then you move on to your profile creation, where you can upload 4 real and recent photos. Don’t try to upload photoshopped ones as their system is good at detecting fake ones.

Also, they will ask for general information like the age range, location range, and gender you belong to.  Sometimes, it isn’t easy to express your feelings or your personality. Therefore, KIPPO lets you connect using your gaming interests. You get to choose your favorite games of all time.

The profile displays 4 photos and cards with your character in various games you chose, like League of Games or PUBG and Fortnight. You can choose what shows up in the card and manipulate it as you want.

Members & Profiles

Gamers, nerds, geeks like the ones in Big Bang Theory get to use this site particularly. As per a recent study, it is shown that most video game players start playing intensively because they feel lonely and lack social interactions. This dating site is a channel for them to interact with other people with similar interests.

Also, it has been shown that 93% of the gamers like to play a video game on their date rather than candlelight dinners or romantic getaways. If you are looking for friends or fellow gamers to escape the solo mode, this is your chance. Your inbox will not receive any romantic chats. So this is the perfect website to have socially distant social interactions in this pandemic.

Kippo members

KIPPO & Safety

KIPPO’s team gave top priority to design and safety measures. Since the team consists of highly trained and intelligent software engineers, they know if you are uploading a fake profile.

Your photos go through proper checking before getting uploaded. Also, the app has SSL encryption that lets the data be controlled by the person who uploaded it. Also, most of your information is related to other games and not to your social media.

Is KIPPO Legit?

Yes, there is no doubt that KIPPO is a real legit app. It is a trademark of covalent inc. KIPPO.gg. They have a company located in Los Angeles, California. Also, they have a working email where you can send your queries and a viable phone number.

All this is provided in the “Privacy Policy” of KIPPO. The site was last updated on 26 February 2020. They always come up with updates and changes as and when required. It is a real app for gamers and nerds to come together and play their favorite video game.

Costs and Prices

KIPPO is free, but the standard version comes with limitations. You can only send one message and swipe 30 profiles a day. With KIPPO infinity, all those restrictions go away:

  • 1 month — 10USD
  • 6 months — 37USD
  • 12 months — 57USD

These prices are quite cheap as compared to other dating apps. Any other similar profile would ask for double the price of KIPPO infinity. It is an amazing price to get unlimited services.


Finally, after a full KIPPO review, we can say that the KIPPO app is limited to and best for gamers. If you are interested in Candy Crush, do not bother as this website is for intensive gamers. This app has made an effort to connect gamers worldwide and let them date at their own pace. They even let geeks find other geeks just to be friends.

The subscription prices are quite cheap as compared to other dating platforms. KIPPO has been ranked as the number 1 dating app for gamers by Hashable and Digital Trends. They also provide Californian residents with extra rights as per “CCPA”. Therefore, they have the best security, design, and interactive AI. A desktop version of the dating platform would be nice, though.

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3.3 Overall Rating

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