Did you go through a recent breakup? This difficult time would cause much uncertainty about the future, especially if you didn’t initiate the breakup. It’s hard not to look at pictures of your ex for hours and imagine you’re still together. This downside of love seems inevitable.

Falling in love is a risk. Once you form an emotional attachment, you risk getting hurt. When the romance fades, or your paths diverge, you’ve lost your best friend and support system. You feel the lack of mindset, but, really, you outgrew the relationship. The opposite of a breakup is connecting with a new person. The end of one attachment paves the way for the next.

A word of caution. Falling in love is a dopamine rush to which some people become addicted. In online dating, people might fall in love multiple times, but this pattern prevents the formation of long-term bonds. If you connect only to a point, your partner feels the distance. Then, you return to online dating for the next fix.

Listening to these love songs when feeling lonely soothes your soul. Allow yourself some time to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and learn from the experience. It’s never too late to make it to greater changes. And not every choice is bad in any way.

Songs About Lost Love Explained

Lost love refers to being separated from a special person due to unforeseeable circumstances or unresolved conflicts. Perhaps you had a hot affair in college, or you met on a cruise and vowed to reunite, but it never happened. It’s hard to move on when you’ve got unresolved feelings for an ex.

While Facebook helps you find past partners, a reunion might hurt more. There might be no chemistry when you meet again. In hindsight, you learn the relationship ended for good reasons. It’s never odd to think over the past, but there is no serious reason to get lost there, closing all doorways for new opportunities.

sad girlThese love songs will help you process a breakup:

  • “Die a Happy Man” – Thomas Rhett – He describes how all he needs is crazy love. The strong physical connection is evident, and he remarks how he might never visit the Eiffel Tower again, but the love will sustain him.
  • “The Next Time I Fall in Love” – Peter Cetera and Amy Grant – You learn something from every romance. Make different choices in your next partner. Peter describes how love brings him back to a heartache he can’t understand. The notion you could pick who to love is slightly crazy unless there is a friend you’ve always desired.
  • “Nothing Compares 2 You” – Sinead O’Connor – She describes lost love like a bird without a song. When missing someone, part of you leaves, and you never get it back. It’s hard to sleep because the separation is so painful.
  • “Someone Like You” – Adele – She shares that her lover moved on. She assumes the new lover offers something she couldn’t provide. Don’t think there’s a flaw within you because there isn’t. It’s hard to accept changes.
  • “If I Could Turn Back Time” – Cher – This lyric hints at an infinite connection between you and your former lover. If you rewind the clock, you think you might produce a different outcome and avoid the pain. However, only you know who is right for you and what choices were made for good.
  • “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?” – Michael Bolton – We’re taught to assume relationships will last forever. This song encourages you to rebuild your life. Change is good.

Turn Romantic Feelings into Action

When pining for a former flame, you waste time. There is more time to pursue activities with friends and family. Don’t waste time on the past because that’s not growth-minded. While it’s okay to wallow for a few weeks after a breakup, snap out of it at once. Force yourself to start living again. Try speed dating or group outings and make new friends. Remember, there are tons of opportunities hanging in the air around. It would be bad not to catch at least one.
lost love songs

Attract the Lover You Seek

When you’re ready, send an intention to the universe to find a new partner. However, when attracting him or her, understand they might trap you into old patterns learned from your parents or family members. Build new patterns, including good communication and conflict resolution habits, and strengthen your loving relationship.

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