guy out on a dateAsking A Guy Out On A Date

Many women believe that men should formally ask them out on a date. That first time flirting is unique to every couple, but getting beyond that point requires someone to make a move. Old-fashioned dating commonly involved men making moves. They’d start conversations, smile, and wink because through history, its what men have done. Despite this, society is no longer regressive, giving women the power and confidence to explore their needs. There’re no written rules when asking people out, especially when women want to ask men out. Women shouldn’t wait if someone appeals to them. They have the right to explore their needs at any time they wish.

Asking a guy requires confidence and self-belief. Avoiding the opportunity is depriving yourself of honest dates and new people. Adopting a proactive approach is key because women don’t deserve to miss out. Old-fashioned beliefs continue to hold women back. Asking guys out increases the chances of discovering success. Sure, the first guy might knock you back. That’s cool, move onto another guy, and keep trying. The more guys asked out, the more likely you are to find someone.

Asking A Guy Out – How To Do It?

“Confidence is a crucial trait. Believe in yourself, and guys will instantly soak up your amazing aura. They’re eager to connect with confident women who’re simple to converse with. Keep it simple, be confident, and guys will love it.”
Greg, [39 years]
“Sometimes, sounding desperate can work. It’s not being weak. Guys see it differently – as cute. Telling a man to “please go on a date with me” tells him you’re really into him. He considers that to be needy and direct, but… men love that kind of approach.”
James, [21 years]
“Be direct when asking a guy out. Throw the rulebook out of the window and tell him in person. Let him know the reason. Is he hot, does he dress well, what attracts you to him? Letting him know provides clarity and helps him understand what you’re attracted to. That’s hot it started between my wife and me.”
Mannie, [52 years]
“Fancy chatting the night away? Ask him out for dinner. Don’t hold back; tell him your idea, and put the decision on him. Guys love someone taking control, especially women!”
Lester, [28 years]
“The suggestion is what leaves men craving more. Inform him of weekend plans and drop-in “want to join me.” He will go crazy because this opportunity to date you and fall in with plans tells him much more.”
Benjie, [42 years]
“I want women to be clear. Sometimes mixed signals leave me confused, and I don’t want to broach the subject. Fear of failure or upsetting a person I like is holding me back. So, clearly explain what you want. In fact, ask your guy what he would like to do. Don’t drop subtle hints; he’ll miss them, so tell him you like him and go from there.”
Carlos, [32 years]

asking a boy outCute Ideas For Asking A Boy Out

As you see from our experts, sometimes, the direct approach works best, and other times intrigue and cuteness is the key!

  • Men are considered macho, but they have feelings. Write him a cute poem and explore your feelings in writing. It’s unique but keeps him wanting more. Once your feelings are in black and white, he will understand you’re serious.
  • Guys are visual when it comes to relationships. Their eyes work harder than their brain; its why men love looking at women. Despite this, ask him on a date by sending him a picture. Forget nudes, but a pretty picture of your face works well. Advice suggests to avoid this but break the rules! You’ve nothing to lose, but he’ll want more.
  • Chatting together provides a unique way to connect, but there’s more. Avoid the awkwardness by letting dancing do the talking. Ask him to dance and lead him to the dance floor. Throw some moves and get close before asking him out. The passion levels and desire will drive him wild.

Essentially, women can implement top advice when asking guys out. Why conform to tradition when breaking the rules is fun! Dating requires two people to come together, allowing women to make moves. Guys love getting asked out, making taking the initiative simple, fun, and exciting. Trust your instinct and believe in yourself by going for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is completely true when meeting guys. Dating hits new levels when women begin asking guys out for a date.

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