What About Girls Making The First Move?

A question that people ask regularly, but do guys like women making the first move? The general consensus is that men do like being asked on a date. What’s more, they also enjoy being given that first kiss.

women make the first moveA common concept determines that men should take control. Whether that’s asking the first question or giving her that first touch, but it’s not the case. Every guy is believed to be hot-blooded and desperate for female attention. Guys are considered to need to feel female attention, regardless of whomever they might be. Essentially, why wouldn’t a man love a girl complimenting him on his looks? Why wouldn’t a man love a woman who decides to start a conversation?

Men feel the need to compliments and praise too. And since almost everyone believes men don’t provide compliments to each other enough, that leaves women confident enough to take the initiative. Real men enjoy female attention and (sometimes literally) embrace girls who make the first move. Despite this, shy and introverted guys occasionally feel dubious when women start with the first move. The reason might be its wondering what their motives are.

Is It Possible For A Girl To Make The First Move?

Gender stereotypes slowly but steadily go away since the end of the XX century. Yet dating still retains old-fashioned notions whereby men receive (and perceived) in control. Are the times really changed, enabling women to consider making the first move? If you ask almost any guy, the answer will be, “Hell yeah!”

Most men no longer worry about being the alpha-male when meeting women. Studies have identified girls prefer making the first move, with responses highlighting that men are fine with this and take it as praise. Many women are powerful, confident, and forward-thinking, giving them the ability to control their dating life and approach the person they like directly.

Secretly, men love women who take control. It’s a refreshing change because it removes pressure from guys. Whether it’s a smile, wink, or a conversation, men are no longer expected to read the signs and decide when it’s time to act. What’s more, when she puts effort into making moves, men appreciate and value it.

But what to do with a guy who’s not keen on receiving compliments and acts all suspicious when invited to go out? Once the shock dissipates, he wonders what the gal wants and mostly relaxes when accepts that it’s not some sort of a con.

So, it’s not only possible for a woman to take control over the start of a relationship; it is universally welcomed. They’re no longer dictated by the strict etiquette saying that the princess (and any woman is royalty, which is completely fine with us) should never take the initiative. Girls can take charge of the situation, ensuring men understand they’re interested. Giving the pressure and the responsibility for starting a relationship away? Happy to do so, ma’am!

That’s true equality, as women are happy to take that pressure on and show that they are strong-willed and can take the challenge. It’s the 21st century, and times have changed for the better.

How Can Girls Make The First Move On A Guy?

So, we agree that women making the first move is considered amazing. However, how can they achieve this successfully?

Women need to consider the guy they’re approaching. His body language, his clothing, and his appearance all dictate his reply. If he considered himself good looking and outgoing, the women could start a conversation with a simple hello. Once he’s replied, she can explore the conversation and take it further.
girls make the first move on a guy
Confidence is a significant element of making a move on a guy. Men don’t mind women taking the initiative but making it easy for them helps. If you’re shy and fail to converse, they’ll get turned off. Being confident counts for everything, making it simple for guys to go with the flow.

Perhaps women can identify that he’s open to something unique? His happy-go-lucky attitude might inspire girls to consider taking the plunge. A happy personality is inviting, which means he’s likely to be receptive to her advances.

Eye contact is massively crucial, and although there’s no conversation, it speaks volumes. Men are a unique species, and eye contact will inspire them to connect openly. If he responds, then it opens doors for her to take the next step.

Overall, men have changed, enabling them to indulge in female attention. They’re no longer governed by traditions, providing them with the ability to relax, knowing that women can make moves. Whether it’s a conversation, a smile, or a touch, the pressure has eased, and men can embrace attention from women. No fear of being considered inferior, as the world of dating and connecting have transformed.

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